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As follows is a comprehensive list of affiliate networks that you (as an affiliate) can join to monetise your website, blog or social media channels. There aren’t enough affiliate networks to put together a real directory, but we’ve worked to produce a comprehensive list.

Each affiliate network can connect you to hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary go-between content publishers (affiliates) and online merchants.

Some merchants manage their affiliate programs and relationships directly; others choose to use an affiliate network to manage all or some of the functions of the program.

Practically, this means you’ll find thousand of merchants and products in one place. It takes the sting out of trawling the web searching for individual vendors.

Affiliate Networks

Another advantage of the “one-stop shop” approach is you’re paid out by the network instead of tracking sales in multiple locations.

The BIG List of Affiliate Networks

1) ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the original affiliate marketing networks with a history dating back to 2000. It’s also one of the largest.

The network has approximately 4,500 merchants. 1,000 of them being exclusive to the system.

ShareASale is a global affiliate network linking affiliates and merchants from a wide range of countries.

As a member of ShareASale, the range of merchants you can promote is quite broad – ranging from “mom and pop” shops through to large corporations. You’ll likely find plenty of opportunities to promote products or services in your chosen niche.

Depending upon your location, you can enable commission payments through Direct Deposit, Mailed Check, Wired Deposit or Payoneer.

The network is part of AWIN (formerly known as Affiliate Window).

When you apply, there is not automatic acceptance to the network. Your application gets reviewed, and then you are informed if accepted or not.

We have created a “How to Join ShareASale” tutorial that walks you through the process.

2) MaxBounty

MaxBounty has a range of campaigns available to affiliates, including Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Lead (CPL). Major Categories include market research, diet, dating, finance, real estate, personal finance, social games, and more.

The MaxBounty network doesn’t just accept any affiliate application. You are required to undertake a telephone or Skype interview with one of the affiliate managers. The conversation takes place during the approval process.

During the interview, you get asked why you want to join the network and how you intend to promote the offers.

Having at least one channel (website, blog or social media account) that has some traffic helps..

MaxBounty is a global affiliate network linking affiliates and merchants from a wide range of countries.

On the plus side, MaxBounty provides arguably the best commission rates in the industry, so it’s worth the effort of putting in an application.

3) JVZoo

Founded in 2011, JVZoo has been named one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. The platform facilitates and automates online sales, marketing, and delivery by connecting merchants with sellers. The network also provides mechanisms to help you sell online.

Acceptance as an affiliate to the JVZoo network is virtually automatic, and you don’t need to provide much information to get going. Once in, you’re able to start applying to merchants to promote their programs right away.

JVZoo is another global affiliate network where affiliates and merchants from a wide range of countries are linked together.

There is a heavy emphasis on digital products and the commissions are high.

4) ClickBank

The “grand-daddy of affiliate marketing networks”, Clickbank has been around for years. Well, since 1998 to be exact. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide, which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

Clickbank Affiliate Network - The Affiliate Network Directory
Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank is for digital products only, but merchants typically offer affiliates high commissions for referring buyers.

Acceptance to the Clickbank Affiliate network is automatic. Once you’ve signed up, you can immediately begin searching for merchants and products to promote.

ClickBank is a global affiliate network servicing merchants and affiliates from many countries.

5) CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly known as Commission Junction) is the world’s largest affiliate marketing network. Merchants within the CJ Affiliate network pay out billions of dollars annually in affiliate commissions. The network is global.

CJ Affiliate Network - The Affiliate Network Directory
CJ Affiliate Network

The platform gives affiliates a suite of tools to link up with merchants and check out their products and services.

As you would expect with such an extensive network, there is a wide variety of offers to promote, and you’ll likely find a long list of options for your particular niche.

Signing up to the network is a straightforward process, but then you’ll need to apply to individual merchants for acceptance in promoting their programs. In some instances, merchants will approach you.

6) Commission Factory

Commission Factory is Australia’s leading affiliate marketing network and operates out of Sydney. They are considered one of the leading platforms in the Asia Pacific region.

Commission Factory Affiliate Network
Commission Factory Affiliate Network

There are over 400+ Asia Pacific brand merchants in just about every retail vertical, so it is highly likely Commission Factory will have offers for you to promote. The network advises that 2 – 10 new advertisers join every week.

Commission Factory focuses on Australia and the Pacific Rim region.

7) Rakuten (includes LinkShare)

Rakuten has been voted the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for several years. Their network includes global brands covering fashion, education, electronics, travel, financial services and more.

You may have even seen their name on the football kit of Catalan giants FC Barcelona.

Rakuten Affiliate Network
Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten have a huge range of merchants covering virtually all sectors.

You need to apply to join the Rakuten network and they review your application pending approval. Once accepted by the network, you can apply to promote the products and services of specific merchants.

8) Impact Radius

Founded in 2008, Impact was set up to focus on the partnership between merchants and partners with the emphasis being placed on the platform.

Impact Radius Affiliate Network
Impact Radius Affiliate Network

The Impact Radius Affiliate Network is one of the biggest in the business and covers a broad spectrum of merchants. Affiliates can browse and choose a market place and then apply to all individual advertisers and programs.


AWIN has over 29,000 advertisers with products and services for affiliates to promote. It’s one of the largest networks in the world.

AWIN Affiliate Network
AWIN Affiliate Network

You can browse the profiles of every advertiser on the network, using the sales regions and industry filters and then apply to join and start promoting the products and services you love.

AWIN will charge you a small fee to apply (around 5 bucks) but they pay that back after processing your application. I think the purpose of this is to filter out bots and non-committed affiliates.

10) ClixGalore

An Australian-based Affiliate Network, ClixGalore also operates in the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, India and the United States.

Clixgalore Affiliate Network
ClixGalore Affiliate Network

Affiliates can promote merchants’ offerings with text or graphic advertisements. The platform also provides an ‘Instant web site Builder’ tool, where users can easily and instantly generate promotional web pages to market products and services.

Sign-up to the affiliate network is free and acceptance is automatic.

11) Sovrn //Commerce (formerly VigLink)

Sovrn’s acquisition of VigLink brings together a suite of commercial products and services to publishers of all sizes.

Sovrn Commerce Affiliate Network
Sovrn Commerce Affiliate Network

The platform ethos is based on the belief that publishers create content that drives the web. The company build the tools for affiliates to monetize content.  

12) FlexOffers

FlexOffers connects advertisers and publishers. The platform provides access to 12,000+ affiliate programs, offers revenue sharing program that promises affiliates 50% of the revenue generated through new partners they bring to the network.

FlexOffers Affiliate Network
FlexOffers Affiliate Network

Affiliates can choose from over a million products and 12,000 affiliate programs for those that they want to promote on their blog, website or social media.

Every affiliate is assigned to a dedicated account manager with experience in affiliate marketing and effectively promoting campaigns.

When you put in an application to join FlexOffers, your information is processed by a compliance department to ensure your channels are a good match for their network.

13) WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is a marketplace where you will find information products to promote. The affiliate programs are largely geared toward internet marketers, Bloggers, SEO guys and Webmasters. The merchants tend to be small business or individuals.

Warriorplus Affiliate Network
Warriorplus Affiliate Network

Anybody can sign up for WarriorPlus, and you get accepted into the network automatically.

14) Peerfly

Peerfly is another CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing network where you can earn money from referrals without the customer making a final purchase. They have approximately 3,000 offerings for affiliates.

Peerfly Affiliate Network
Peerfly Affiliate Network

When you apply to join the Peerfly network, your application is reviewed, and you generally get a decision within a few days.


An Australian-based Affiliate Network, Clouta focuses on connecting merchants with web and social media influencers.

CLOUTA Affiliate Network
CLOUTA Affiliate Network

The platform’s unique selling point is to equip influencers with technology to measure traffic and conversions from their content in real time across all promoted offers. Influencers can analyse and optimise social performance to align with brands and offers.

When applying to join the Clouta Influencer Network, you are taken through the process by a pretty cool digital bot. Applications are human-reviewed, and you usually get a decision within a couple of days.

16) MarketHealth

Established over a decade ago, MarketHealth is one of the biggest health based affiliate networks. They manufacture, own, and operate over Health Beauty 200 products in over 100 countries.

MarketHealth Affiliate Network
MarketHealth Affiliate Network

MarketHealth is truly global, offering international campaigns complete with all localized languages and processing methods.

Offers include products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industries.

All offers on the MarketHealth network are exclusive. You won’t find them anywhere else.

17) GlobalWide Media (Neverblue)

GlobalWideMedia (formerly Nerverblue) brings over ten years of experience as a leading CPA performance network.

GlobalWide Media Affiliate Network
GlobalWide Media Affiliate Network

Affiliates will be expected to use expertise to drive potential leads from their channels. GlobalWide Media accept a wide range of traffic including email, display, mobile, search and more in verticals ranging from e-commerce to finance to travel.


The network has been pairing content publishers and influencers with affiliate programs for over 15 years. Affiliate Network Affiliate Network

There is a broad range of merchants with niches covering a full spectrum.

The network is selective with approving affiliates. It’s a global platform with campaigns across multiple verticals and over 100 different countries.

19) Webgains

The Webgains network connects affiliates with big brands, who want to sell their products to a wider audience.

Webgains Affiliate Network
Webgains Affiliate Network

There are over 1800 brands covering verticals such as sports performance, lifestyle, travel and leisure, gadgets and fintech.

Webgains offer coaching to affiliates every step of the way and pay commission quickly to reward you for your efforts.

20) Skimlinks

A content monetisation platform, Skimlinks is partnered with over 50 other affiliate networks and focus on driving sales from your website with content solutions.

Skimlinks Affiliate Network
Skimlinks Affiliate Network

Skimlinks generates affiliate product links from your web content automatically.

21) AvantLink

A well-established network, AvantLink have a stable of established merchants with large product offerings, who are dedicated to building productive partnerships.

AvantLink Affiliate Network
AvantLink Affiliate Network

The quality of merchant is high and AvantLink look for quality affiliates to match. AvantLink review all affiliate applications.

The platform is open to affiliates from Australia, Canada and the United States.

22) TradeDoubler

The network has been built up over many years and TradeDoubler now connects affiliates with over 2,000 publishers around the world.

Tradedoubler Affiliate Network
Tradedoubler Affiliate Network

Depending on the particular campaign, each affiliate gets rewarded for a pre-defined action. Said action could be as a sale, a newsletter registration, a download or a click.

23) MobVista

A Hong-Kong based affiliate network specializing in mobile, MobVista is a global platform

Mobvista Affiliate Network
Mobvista Affiliate Network

The platform provides monetization solutions for app developers providing programmatic ad inventories and other long-tail media with ad inventories programmatically through API or manually.

24) ProfitSocial

A new SmartLink Affiliate Network founded by the owner of CPA dating offers. With 100% traffic monetisation ProfitSocial accepts desktop/mobile offers for 150+ countries.

Profit Social Affiliate Network
ProfitSocial Affiliate Network

The ProfitSocial platform offers 1500+ campaigns across 100 countries. It has a heavy focus on dating products.

25) Mobidea

A CPA affiliate network, Mobidea specialises in mobile offers and is a global network with support in five different languages.

Mobidea Affiliate Network
Mobidea Affiliate Network

The platform provides access to thousands of top converting mobile CPA offers from several verticals, or you can use Mobidea’s Smartlink technology to optimise your traffic.

26) TrafficShark

A CPA/CPI affiliate network, Traffic Shark is a global operator with over 1000+ worldwide offers.

Traffic Shark Affiliate Network
Traffic Shark Affiliate Network

Traffic Shark affiliates typically include Marketers, Media buyers, Agencies and Content publishers.

Acceptance to Traffic Shark is virtually automatic.

27) SonarClick

Founded in 2016, SonarClick is a Performance Marketing Network based in Spain but operating globally.

Sonarclick Affiliate Network
Sonarclick Affiliate Network

A relatively new affiliate network, Sonarclick focus on exclusive offers and high payouts. There are monetisation opportunities with CPL, CPA, CPS and CPI.

Affiliate sign-ups are currently disabled for this network and you need to contact the support team to register.

28) SellHealth

For over a decade, has been linked affiliates with a lineup of natural health products.

SellHealth Affiliate Network
SellHealth Affiliate Network

With the SellHealth Affiliate Network, you earn a generous 30% – 50% commission on all qualifying sales made, plus 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by website owners or bloggers you’ve directly recruited.

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