Dotcom SECRETS by Russell Brunson – A Book Review

Dotcom secrets? Well here is a tidbit that probably isn’t a secret. If you asked one hundred people to name three internet marketing entrepreneurs, the chances are the name of Russell Brunson would feature on every list.

Just before we proceed with the review, a reminder that you can get the book free of charge from the Dotcom secrets website.

Why? The ClickFunnels CEO is regarded in the industry as a marketing genius. As BigCommerce founder Mitchell Harper stated, “Only four so-called marketing gurus founded a 9 figure business“. Brunson was one of them.

To put the quote into perspective, let’s mention that lifestyle guru and motivational speaker Tony Robbins also received marketing mentoring from Brunson.

Anyway, onto the book…

What is in “dotcom secrets”?

The first thing to be said is what the book isn’t about. Brunson makes this clear:

  • It is NOT just another “how to” book on Internet Marketing.
  • It is NOT about getting more traffic to your website – yet these secrets will help you to get exponentially MORE traffic than you’ve ever experienced before.
  • It is NOT about increasing your conversion – yet these secrets will increase your conversion MORE than any headline tweak or split test ever could.

Disagreeing with Brunson’s summary a little, I’d suggest it is about some of these things. However, the real emphasis is on funnels, mindset and the psychology of the potential customer. It’s more of a process and people kind of book.

“A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online.”


Dotcom Secrets is separated into five main topic areas but flows effortlessly from one to another.

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

Brunson works backwards from defining his dream client, (something we call our “customer avatar” in modern times) to documenting their journey through his sales funnel process.

Much of it is common sense, but it focuses the mind on where priorities lie and why so many sales processes ultimately fail or cannot be scaled up.

There are plenty of anecdotes used in how he established a scientific process that works for pretty much any business, beginning with what he terms a “value ladder”.

He offers worked examples for dentists and chiropractors but it’s evident that all the science behind the ladder is transferrable to other disciplines.

Moreover, Brunson even outlines the ladder for his book – The DOTCOMSECRETS Value Ladder, and you can see why his clearly defined processes have made him so successful.

He then proceeds to map the value ladder to a more clearly defined sales funnel.

Making Money Online

By the way, if you are still not clear what a sales funnel is, then think of it purely as a sales process. It’s the journey of sourcing and turning potential customers into converted customers and everything that happens in the middle.

The icing on the cake in this first section is the valuable insight and process to define and find your dream customers.

Brunson proceeds to wrap up the opening stanza by offering a detailed analysis of traffic, leads and how to process them with his clearly defined sales funnel.

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

The second section of the book zooms in on the psychology of building the relationship with potential customers. A Trust Funnel if you will.

Brunson talks about developing a character relationship and how to apply this during the communications process. In a nutshell, it’s a 101 guide to email marketing and maximising the return on a mailing list.

The content isn’t about technical implementation but entirely about the process, people and psychology.

Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers to the sale

We move onto “Funnelology” in Section Three, where Brunson explains his processes in closing a sale.

He identifies the five key components to take care of:

  • Demographics
  • Offer
  • Landing page
  • Traffic source
  • Ad copy

And then proceeds to map out another of his processes with examples so you can almost visualize the people in the script.

There is a lengthy overview of reverse engineering successful funnels to produce what works and the chapter concludes with a commentary on the 23 Building Blocks that constitute a successful sales process that you can scale up.

Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

In Section Four, we encounter a variety of sales funnels and scripts that Brunson maps out for different requirements. He also offers a lot of insight into webinars and alternative cogs you can embed in the process.

There is a lot of practical detail in the examples shown from dealing with objections to the type of communications content you need to embed in the process.

Section Five: ClickFunnels

If the first four sections are all about processes, people, content and psychology, then the final part of the book is firmly about implementation.

As you might expect from the ClickFunnels CEO, his own platform is the toolset of choice for the technical part of implementing the processes.

We won’t go into too much detail on ClickFunnels, but at AfMA, we are fans of the platform and recommend you take it for a spin to see how easily you can implement a technical solution against a mapped out process.

The beauty of ClickFunnels is that it does bring a scientific process and a technical solution together in one place. It’s also straightforward to use, and they offer a 14-day free trial where you can check out the platform.

If you take advantage of the free trial, we’d suggest taking in some of the included marketing training on the platform. There are a ton of excellent training resources available, so make use of your time!

Our Overall Thoughts On dotcom SECRETS

This book is a compelling read. I put this down to the fact that we have seen Brunson’s star rise in plain sight. The success of ClickFunnels (without any venture capital) has been phenomenal. Moreover, Brunson’s success in working with Tony Robbins has emphasised his processes work on a grand scale in a completely different niche.

The Funnels supremo has the Midas touch, and the book gives excellent insight into the science behind the success.

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Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels. Brunson graduated from Boise State University in 2006 and is married to college sweetheart Collette. Together, they have five children. He resides in Boise, Idaho and has a reported net worth of $37 million.

Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books and popularized the concept of sales funnels

Russell Brunson - dotcom Secrets
Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels CEO and Marketing Genius

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  1. Russell Brunson is a cool guy, I saw him when he featured on The Profit. I was amazed by ClickFunnel. I’m adding Dotcom Secrets to my summer read list.

    • It seema like a nice book to give to my niece who is now establishing her business and I am sure it will help her to learn more about sale process.

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  3. Finally, a book that I think just might break this entire funnels thing down in a way I can understand. I just watched a mini-video on the subject and still came away feeling a bit lost. I know this is something I need to expand my blog/brand, but I can’t lie– it is a bit overwhelming to figure out.

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