Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon runs the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, one of the first mainstream online affiliate marketing programs launched in 1996.

Web Developers, Bloggers, Social Media aficionados and Amazon sellers can earn income by promoting millions of new and used products from and its subsidiaries.

As an Amazon Associate we at Affiliate Marketing Australia also earn from qualifying purchases.

This review of Amazon Associates Affiliate program structure focuses primarily on the Australian version of the Affiliate program, but most of the information will also apply to its sister programs across the globe.

Commissions ranging from 2% to 10% per referral

Commissions range from 2% through to 10% per referral depending on the type of products the referred user purchases.

Easy to use Marketing and Promotional Tools

Amazon provides easy to use marketing and promotional tools with link builders and banners.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program (in a nutshell)

Merchant Information:
Amazon – Click to view
Program Type:
Cost Per Sale (CPS) – You earn a commission when the merchant makes a sale.
Amazon is a single tier affiliate program.
Earnings / Commission:
Payment Schedule:
Advertising fees are paid by direct deposit approximately 60 days after the end of the month for which they are being paid. For example, January commissions would be paid by late March.
Payment Method:
Bank Transfer or Cheque
Cookie Life:
24 Hours
Affiliate Marketing Materials / Training:
Links, Banners, Adverts
Financial Investment Required:

Amazon commissions are pretty low by the industry-standard and the cookie for referrals is only 24 hour (this is extended if the product is added to the cart). The negatives are partially offset by the huge number of products and opportunities available.

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  1. I’ve been considering becoming an Amazon affiliate, but wasn’t too sure about it. Do you think it’s worth it?

  2. Amazon is definitely an influential affiliate platform since I’ve read and watched on people who live their lives off Amazon. I wish I could join ( unfortunately, my email and phone number has never been ‘associated’ with my Amazon account as they say)
    Wish I could fix that, could you know something about that?

  3. This is really great! I wonder if i can apply to the Amazon affiliate program as a merchant, will check it out. Thanks for the info.

  4. I heard about this program, but I never knew these details. I do know it’s hugely popular, and it seems to require a bit of strategy for success.

  5. I have to check this out but I live in Japan, could I still suggest items to an overseas audience? If I had a customer buy a product off Amazon USA but I use Amazon Japan, do I still get the commission?

  6. I’ve learned that I can rely on your posts for timely, relevant, USEFUL information with practical applications. Very cool. Thank you.


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