Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program Review

Launched in 2017 as “one-stop shop” for building a complete digital online business, Builderall has made quite a lot of noise in the world of affiliate marketing. The euphoria surrounding the platform hasn’t yet translated to the world of business.

This article focuses on the affiliate marketing program structure but here at AfMA, we don’t think the platform is a particularly strong product (yet). More on that later.

Builderall Affiliate Program Structure 2019

As of April 2019, the Builderall Affiliate Program has changed from its previous incarnation. Our understanding is the company is trying to move away from the previous approach which some perceived as Multi-Level Marketing.

The Affiliate Program has been updated and is now based on a points scoring system. For every dollar of revenue referred to Builderall, an affiliate earns a point. If the affiliate pays to subscribe to the Builderall platform, then they earn triple points for their own “self-consumption”, meaning they can pass a newly announced points threshold and start earning right away.

The Affiliate Program Numbers

An affiliate has to make a minimum of 140 points to start earning a commission.

What this means in practice is that if they themselves subscribe to Builderall Business (at $49.90 a month) it will earn them 147 points (3 x 49).

In short, if an affiliate is a subscriber, then anyone else they refer will count as a commission. If they are not a subscriber, then they will need to hit the 140 point threshold before they start earning commission.

Affiliates also earn points from people they have previously referred.

Cookie Life

The Builderall Cookie is session only. By affiliate marketing standards this is poor. A session only cookie means if a referred person closes their web browser and returns later in a separate visit then you won’t get the credited commission).

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule is good. If an Affiliate is above the 140 point threshold, then payments on commissions can be requested five days after the sale conversion.

Payment is sent out on the first Thursday following a request.

Payment Method

Payments are made via PayPal.

Affiliate Marketing Materials

A set of reasonable marketing and promotional materials are available to affiliates, along with a set of pre-built sales funnels hosted on the Builderall platform. There are a series of training videos (average). Other support includes Facebook groups.

If you wish to be a Builderall Affiliate without subscribing to the platform, then you will need to use alternative software, funnels and methods for promotion.

Financial Investment Required

Builderall have changed the structure of the affiliate program. As of April 2019, you no longer need to pay to subscribe to the Builderall Business platform to qualify as an affiliate.

However, as a non-subscriber to the platform, you will need to recruit the equivalent of three Business Plan subscribers before you earn a commission. A referral in this context only lasts for 30 days, after which the transaction will no longer count towards your affiliate points. If you are a subscriber, then you won’t need to do this and can earn commissions immediately.

What is the Builderall Platform?

The Builderall Affiliate Program Review

Builderall is a cloud-based software suite that includes the following:

  • Drag and Drop Website Builders
  • Unlimited Website Hosting (Host as many websites as you like)
  • Website templates for dozens of different types of business
  • Pre-built sales page templates for any marketing campaign
  • Pre-built sales funnels by expert marketers
  • Analytics software
  • Facebook and Pixel Integration Tools
  • Facebook Messenger and Chatbot Tools
  • Email Marketing and Professional Automation (unlimited mailing lists, sequenced campaigns)
  • Sales Machines
  • Webinar Creation and Management Software
  • Course Creation Tools

Builderall is “Software As A Service“, meaning customers pay a monthly subscription for access. The Business version is currently $49.90 per month.

In our opinion, the Builderall software suite is a mixed bag.

Some of the components feel clunky, the dashboard and how applications are bundled into the interface using iframes doesn’t offer a seamless process.

The website builder is an average drag and drop builder. It does a job but the code churned out is very inefficient.

MailingBoss is the integrated email list manager and we feel this doesn’t match up well at all against GetResponse, AWeber and other tools occupying the same space. Our experience was that the email ends up in the spam folder far more often than you’d expect from this kind of tool.

The Presentations module doesn’t stack up well in comparison to free tools such as Google Slides.

Some of the other modules show some promise.

In short, the feature list is long but some of the features aren’t particularly good. There are alternatives to Builderall that may warrant consideration.

The Builderall Development team is active and the platform is steadily being improved. The principle of providing a platform as a “one-stop shop” is a noble effort so we may see it evolve steadily into a top class product.

Alternatives to the Builderall Affiliate Program

If this kind of affiliate program floats your boat, then check out reviews of similar schemes offered by other vendors involved in the sales funnel process.

2 thoughts on “Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program Review”

  1. Dear sir or madam,

    Currently I have been on Builderall since June the 15th, and I am paying 26.90 EU every month to continue using their services (which is the “Professional” subscription, if I’m correct). My first Affiliate website was one about quitting smoking and how my e-cigarette had helped me quit. I put a lot of time and effort into it and I got a lot of compliments from my environment, saying it’d look neat and professional. However, after looking at the legality of promoting e-cigarettes and tobacco in general, I decided it was best to quit working on that site to avoid getting into legal trouble. Here in the Netherlands, the government is pretty scrict about promoting anything related to tobacco and electronic cigarettes. Recently I created a second website, only I’m afraid about the uncertainty of getting paid once I put the site live. The more I read about this Affiliate Program Builderall has, the more uncertain I am becoming they will allow me to get paid this way (and with this subscription). Could you please help me find some answers to the questions I have?

    I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

    • Max, I doubt the Builderall team will have any concerns with your website ideas. They are just giving you the platform and tools. Your issues are more related to the laws your own country have. I would suggest legal advice.


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