ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Program Review

ClickFunnels is a market leading sales funnel builder to help businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

The founder of ClickFunnels is Russell Brunson, one of only four “gurus” to have a built their own 9 figure business before becoming a guru!

Brunson and the ClickFunnels concept also aided one of the other four, lifestyle guru Tony Robbins.

For a better understanding of how ClickFunnels works, I suggest taking it for a spin on the 14-day free trial. You’ll get to see all the features and get a taste of the (pretty good) training.

Commissions ranging from $38 to $118 per referral

Commissions range from $38 through to $118 per referral on the core plans. A standard ClickFunnels subscription is $97 per month with the Etison suite package rocking up at $297 per month The referring affiliate receives 40% compensation and this is recurring as long as the user remains a subscriber, translating to commissions of $38.80 and $118.80 respectively.

ClickFunnels also offer commissions on other products such as books, motivational speaking programs and more.

The target audience for the products ranges from Entrepreneurs and small business through to large corporate enterprises.

Good Marketing and Promotional Tools

ClickFunnels provides a good range of promotional tools for affiliates to promote the platform.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Program (in a nutshell)

Merchant Information:
ClickFunnels – click to view
Program Type:
Cost Per Sale (CPS) – You earn a commission when the merchant makes a sale.
ClickFunnels is a single tier affiliate program by default, although, for Edison package subscribers, this becomes two-tier.
Earnings / Commission:
40% Commission. ClickFunnels plans range from $97 to $297 each month. Affiliate Commissions are on a monthly recurring basis
Payment Schedule:
Commissions are paid after a 45 day “cooling off” period (due to potential refunds or cancellations).
Payment Method:
PayPal or Check
Cookie Life:
“Sticky” Lifetime Cookie
Affiliate Marketing Materials / Training:
Links, Banners, Email Ads, Text Graphics and Logos
Financial Investment Required:
New ClickFunnels Affiliates are required to be a ClickFunnels Subscriber

Who are ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels was born in 2014 from creator Russell Brunson and grew rapidly to a $360 million business. Brunson is widely regarded as a marketing genius.

The core ClickFunnels packages include:

  • Standard ClickFunnels ($97 per month)
  • Etison Suite ClickFunnels ($297 per month)

The target audience is large for the range of products offered.


Alternatives to the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels aren’t the only player in the sales funnel business. Check out the affiliate program reviews for:

While You Are Here

Grab a free copy of “dotcom SECRETS” authored by ClickFunnels supremo Russell Brunson.

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