SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program Review

SportsIntegrity offer authentic, autographed sports memorabilia of your favourite athletes in most major sports. The site is also complemented by a smaller collection of memorabilia relating to movie/film stars.

Although the company trades out of the United States, the Affiliate Program is open to global marketers.

Is the SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program a good match for you to promote?


If you are looking to make extra income from your blog, website or social media channel then joining the SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program and referring your readers to their website for sports memorabilia or gifts can earn you nice commission.

Sports Memorabilia usually has a higher selling point than regular goods and can be a high-value niche.

It’s up for you to decide if the Affiliate Program is a good fit for you, but if any segment of your target audience is interested in sports memorabilia or gift ideas for family members then the answer is probably “Yes”.

Send them to Sports Integrity and earn money for the referral.

By the way, the Affiliate Program is available globally, not just to Australians and financial numbers are in US Dollars.

How Much Do SportsIntegrity Pay For A Referral?

SportsIntegrity will pay you a commission of 10% for each referral that converts to a paying customer. The amount earned in commission depends on the value of the sale.

To get a rough idea of what you are promoting as a SportsIntegrity affiliate, click here to check out some of their offerings.

The SportsIntegrity Cookie

SportsIntegrity is part of the ShareASale affiliate network, so all tracking links, reporting and commission payments are managed through the ShareASale dashboard.

When you sign up for the SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program (via ShareASale), you receive a unique tracking link. The link contains your unique Affiliate Id so that ShareASale knows you sent traffic arriving on the SportsIntegrity website.

You use the tracking link on your website or social media to direct visitors to the SportsIntegrity website.

The merchant (SportsIntegrity) stores your affiliate ID in a tiny text file (known as a cookie) in the visitor’s web browser. Cookies are used to track website visitors.

Cookie Expiry
How long a Cookie lasts can make a big difference to your bottom line

Every cookie has an expiry date. SportsIntegrity puts a 45 Day Expiry on their cookie.

What this means in simple terms, is that if the person you referred purchases a hosting plan within 45 days then you get credited with the sale. The credit happens even if they didn’t click your link during future visits.

The period is known as the “Cookie Life” and 45 days is slightly above average.

How and When Do You Get Paid?

You don’t get paid by SportsIntegrity directly, as the company have delegated payment and all the Affiliate Program administration to the ShareASale Affiliate Network.

ShareASale payments are sent out via Check or Direct Deposit. Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month, for the previous month’s locked commissions. For example, commissions that you earn in January, are eligible for payment on February 20th.

SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program (in a nutshell)

Merchant Information:
SportsIntegrity – click to view
Program Type:
CPA (Cost Per Action): $1 for referral and 10% Cost Per Sale (CPS) commission on customer purchases.
SportsIntegrity offers a single tier affiliate program.
Earnings / Commission:
10% Cost Per Sale (CPS) commission on customer purchases.
Payment Schedule:
Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month, for the previous month’s locked commissions.
Payment Method:
SportsIntegrity is part of the ShareASale Affiliate Network, and payments are sent out via check or direct deposit bank transfer.
Cookie Life:
The SportsIntegrity Cookie Life is 45 Days.
Affiliate Marketing Materials / Training:
SportsIntegrity offers a good range of banners, product images, links and promotions to assist you with your marketing activities.
Financial Investment Required:
None. The Affiliate Program costs nothing to join, and there are no hidden costs or expenses.

How To Enrol As A SportsIntegrity Live Affiliate.

  1. Join ShareASale
  2. Join the SportsIntegrity Affiliate Program

Note: You won’t be able to access the second link without being a member of ShareASale first.

Who are SportsIntegrity? What would I be promoting?

SportsIntegrity Home Page

SportsIntegrity is a sports marketing and autographed memorabilia company with a focus on providing clients with authentic autographs of their favourite athletes.

Founded in 2000, The mission statement is “to provide our clients with authentic signatures, excellent customer service and great value. We strive for honesty and integrity”.

Former Everton and Manchester United Goalkeeper Tim Howard signing merchandise

SportsIntegrity provide signed autographs on merchandise in the following categories:

  • Football (US Gridiron) – NFL and College.
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Entertainment

Autographed memorabilia includes helmets, jerseys, pictures, tickets, balls and various other types of signed merchandise

If SportsIntegrity or alternative affiliate programs for memorabilia don’t match your target audience, check out some of the other Affiliate programs in the Affiliate Program Directory that might be a better fit for your niche.

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