The Fit Father Project Affiliate Program Review

The Fit Father Project is a “fitness for fathers” program designed exclusively for busy fathers over 40 who want to destroy stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle, and get healthy for the second half of life.

The project includes an affiliate program where people can earn commission for referring others to the project who turn into paying customers.

15% – 35% Commissions

The Affiliate Program is relatively generous. It provides 35% commission on your direct referrals and 15% on sales generated by any your sub-affiliates.

The target audience for the products is a large niche group of fathers and men in the demographic age of around 40 years+.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

The Fit Father Project provides a good assortment of promotional tools for affiliates to promote the platform. They include email templates, banners and text links.

The Fit Father Project Affiliate Program (in a nutshell)

Merchant Information:
The Fit Father Project – click to view
Program Type:
Cost Per Sale (CPS) – You earn a commission when the merchant makes a sale.
The Fit Father Project is a two-tier affiliate program. Affiliates cannot recruit new affiliates directly (this is not Multi-Level Marketing) but any customers they recruit who later become affiliates will qualify the original affiliate for an additional commission.
Earnings / Commission:
35% Commission for Level 1 Earnings (Earnings generated from referrals from the affiliate)
15% Commission for Level 2 Earnings (Earnings generated from sub-affiliates)
Payment Schedule:
There are two pay schedule types: “On Payment” means that you will earn your commissions as the client pays for the order. “Up Front” means that you earn the entire commission as soon as the order is placed.
Payment Method:
Affiliate Marketing Materials / Training:
Links, Banners and Email Templates
Financial Investment Required:

What is the Fit Father Project?

The Fit Father Project

The Fit Father Project was founded by Dr Anthony Balduzzi, NMD over ten years ago with a mission to help busy fathers lose weight and build muscle to stay healthy for their families.

The Fit Father Project offerings include:

  • Meal Plans
  • Workouts
  • Articles and Videos
  • Motivation Tips
  • A Store

The target audience is large for the range of products offered.

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  1. I have never heard of the Fit Father Project before. It sounds like a great affiliate program to make some money from.

  2. I can definitely see how this would be useufl for dads as things have changed about the types of work dads due and keeping fit. And this sounds like a good affiliate program.

  3. Such a great and very informative post. So many affiliate program in the internet right now and I am actually looking for the best one. This might eb a big help for me.

  4. Very informative post! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking at different ways I can improve my affiliate marketing.

  5. This is a novel idea for an affiliate program but one that I can see will be successful. Nowadays men can make time for selfcare too without feeling weird about it.

  6. This is what I’m looking for, a guide for my workout at home. It gives me more comfort and convenient to workout in my own phase using this programs.

  7. If they can get their act together with the affiliate links (that constantly send your potential customers to a 404 page) then you as an affiliate might do well.


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